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To be world class in product and services that are ethically prudent, safe and obtainable to improve the wellbeing of all life is our  Mission.

We Offer Services To Support Business And Sector Development In Industrial Sectors, the client is at heart of our business, With a young, enterprising, passionate and above all motivated team to serve well in what we know how to do, We support our clients through different channels, We guarantee you a good cooperation.


Dr. Peter Lazarus

Managing Director

Dr. Peter Lazarus, comes with vast experience in Food, Cement, Mining, Commodities, Pharma and AH Industries. Out of more than 25 years of commercial assignments, Dr. Lazarus has been in the African Context for more than 15 years. With a mix of exposure to West Africa and the Land-locked countries of this region, he brings in his expertise in all commercial aspects to Congo Gateway’s ventures. His experience in the Asian, Gulf and Sub-Sahara African Markets with ability to build and run commercial enterprises is his core strengths. A Veterinary Doctor by qualification, he is a cut-throat professional in enterprise management and business operations. He is a team player and brings out the best in all his associations.

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Juresse Lokosha

Project Manager

Passionated of Graphic Design and Multimedia, Juresse is our CAM and CAD expert. Holder of a Post-Graduate Degree in Project and Change Management from South Afri- ca, he has a 5 years experience in
handling projects from green-field to commercial success to support you on the planning and materialization of each of your project.


Mike Bondo

Operations and Supply Chain Manager

Having exceptional leadership skills, Mike oversees operational activities at every level of our organization around the country. Holder of a Masters degree in Business Man-agement from South Africa, he has the skills and experience needed to efficiently analyze operational performance and resolve issues in a timely manner.

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1. Contact us via email, phone call or any of our social media platforms to book a physical or online appointement OR

2. Send us your Letter of Intent (LOI) via email, including important details on how we could help you

3. A Full Corporate Offer (FCO) including a proforma Invoice referring to your LOI will be sent to you in a timely manner

4. A written partnership agreement or contract specifying terms and conditions will be signed between the two parties

4.You receive the best service possible

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Our Vision

To create a value chain that surpasses the motive for profit to a level of creation of trust in our products, people and customers, that leads to overall improvement and wellbeing of all life with a balance of motives to be sustainable to (and) collectively grow.